Index Game


The First Hong Kong-based metaverse agency

INDEX GAME is officially appointed by The Sandbox to build experiences for The Sandbox decentralized metaverse.


Featuring the unique flavours of Hong Kong, one of our focuses is on designing voxel-based NFT assets, building exclusive gaming experiences, creating LANDs social experiences by setting up hubs, galleries and more for The Sandbox. 


Bringing brands and IPs into the digital metaverse, we provide tailor-made one-stop-shop metaverse agency service to speed up their digital transformation, which results in an increased worldwide exposure through diving into the ecosystem of The Sandbox. Our team has over 20 years of experience on branding, and we provide advertising solutions in The Sandbox metaverse by promoting brand content on gaming and social experience. We do land acquisition for corporates to get access to the metaverse, and actualize the marketing ideas by building commercials/animations in voxel-style. 


We are developing our INDEX academy that would provide training opportunities to the potential LANDs architects. And we organize seminars regularly for public to raise awareness on the unlimited potential of metaverse.


Our Core Values

Innovating without boundaries

We deliver creative wow-solutions.

Fun and Amusing

We add playability to enjoyable experiences.

Exquisite and Artistic

We construct stunning scenes.

Inspiring and Visionary

We see beyond the existing reality.

Effective and Efficient

We actualize your ideas at the appointed time.

Teamwork and Supportive

We value talents and training.

Our Philosophy

INDEX GAME believes that metaverse will become a new form of social media to support branding and advertising. The brands that participate in metaverse are considered to be trendy and innovative and their corresponding brand value is boosted.


We are dedicated to promoting the knowledge about metaverse and being pioneer in building culturally relevant gaming and social experiences in Hong Kong.


At the same time, we create space for creators and nurture new talents to continually build upon and enhance the ever-expanding metaverse. They will become the world-class LANDs architects.