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Introduction to The Master 8

The first Chinese martial arts NFTs in The Sandbox!

Chinese Martial Arts, which are also known as Kung Fu, is the quintessence of China. It has been an integral part of 5000-year-Chinese historical culture.


Over the centuries of development in different geographical locations, Martial arts has become a large system containing various families, schools or sects. The practice includes combat skills, fighting techniques, defensive tactics and use of weapons etc. More than just a great workout, philosophy, ethics and even medical practice are also highly regarded. In sum, Chinese martial arts consist of organised systems and codes of combat primarily practiced for physical, mental, spiritual development, and self-defence; each school reveals much about a Chinese history, culture, and traditions and represents  its unique philosophy that shapes the culture in different ways. Unfortunately,  these Kung Fu systems and their corresponding philosophy are fading away.


We want to preserve the precious historical legacy of Kung Fu and start developing NFTs with this specific theme – The Master 8. It is not only the first series of NFTs produced by INDEX GAME, but also the first Chinese martial arts thematic NFTs of The Sandbox.


We are passionate about advocating the Chinese Martial Arts and enhancing your understanding on Kung Fu. After an extensive research on Hong Kong martial arts novels, we handpick The Master 8 that are legendary characters. They represent various Kung Fu families and philosophies. Each Master has hence been uniquely designed with their characterized outfits and looks, carrying their signature weapons.  With individual Kung Fu or magic, the Masters would try the whole bag of tricks to be the best Chinese fighter in the metaverse.


We proudly present the eight Kung Fu Masters. There will be a limited number of NFTs available.

The One-Armed Swordsman


Huang Fei Hong

Guan Yu

The Lady Master

The Maoshan Taoist Priest

The Shaolin 18 Bronzemen

The White Eyebrowed Monk

NFT Characters: 8 uniquely designed Kung Fu Master + 4 Chinese-style-backdrop
Drop: 6 May, 2022

If you love having the perfect scene that shows your passion and favouritism towards the Chinese Culture, in addition to preserving and advocating the unique Kung Fu culture, it is time for taking action. Come and bring a Kung Fu Master NFTs home.