Index Game

Index League - Game Rules



請先下載 The Sandbox Game Maker
然後加入 INDEX GAME Discord,以取得賽事的最新資訊。

Download The Sandbox Game Maker and join the INDEX GAME Discord to stay up to date on the latest tournament info.


我們會在比賽前1小時,於 Discord 頻道抽出12名參賽者參與遊戲;
另設3個參賽名額,予參與 INDEX LEAGUE Discord 宣傳活動的會員。

We will draw 12 participants to join the game on Discord channel 1 hour before the competition begins. 3 spots for members who participate in the INDEX LEAGUE Discord promotion event, making a total of 15 available spots.

The selected participants will receive instructions on how to access the game venue.



Upon arrival at the venue, INDEX GUARDs will arrange for participants to take a group photo and take attendance in the roll call area. Please stay at the roll call area unless instructed by INDEX GUARDs. 


直播主宣布逃生時間開始,參賽者有 1 分鐘的逃生時間

The INDEX GUARDs will start the escape timer. Participants will have one minute to hide.


逃生時間結束,遊戲正式開始!兩名INDEX GUARD 會有20分鐘時間捉人,當INDEX GUARD 叫出參賽者ID 的頭4個字元,參賽者則被視為落敗。

After the escape time is over, the game will officially begin! Two INDEX GUARDs will have 20 minutes to catch the participants. If an INDEX GUARD calls out the first four characters of a participant’s ID, that participant is considered caught. During this phase, Participants need to hide from the INDEX GUARDs, and ALSO collect the “magic ring” to be eligible for the ultimate reward.


20分鐘過後,遊戲來到最後階段!兩名INDEX GUARD 會停止移動。最快碰到「指定INDEX GUARD」,而又擁有「魔法環」的參賽者,將獲得獎勵
* 備註:「指定INDEX GUARD」的樣貌會預先在Discord公布。

At the end of the 20-minute period, the game enters its final stage! The two INDEX GUARDs will stop moving, and the participant who first touches the “designated INDEX GUARD” while possessing the “magic ring” will WIN the prize. Note that the appearance of the “designated INDEX GUARD” will be announced in advance on Discord.