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NSpace WMCC | Greater China Park

NSpace, a Taiwanese curatorial team, have announced their entry into The Sandbox to create the World Meta Comic Corridor, a virtual and realistic anime-themed space for anime fans, creators, and NFT collectors. The famous local comic “Dragon Tiger Gate” will be the first IP-licensed creation of the project, in which the classic cover, exciting close-ups and character moves will be made into “Dragon Tiger Gate” NFT.


The “Meta Universe First Comic Gallery” will also collect well-known comics from Japan and the United States to participate in the exhibition, so that more anime can have a place in the world of the Meta Universe, hoping to achieve the interaction of comics across borders.


The Dragon Tiger Gate NFT is a meaningful innovation for the comic book industry and a major milestone for Dragon Tiger Gate, which will benefit both IP creators and NFT holders.


Enjoy your time with “Dragon Tiger Gate” “ZhiDAO” in the wonderous NSpace WMCC | Greater China Park! 

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