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The Secrets of Eight Masters

We proudly present the series of 8 Kung Fu Masters and 4 Chinese-style-backdrops. Each Master has hence been uniquely designed with their characterized outfits and looks, carrying their signature weapons. With their corresponding Kung Fu, the Masters would try the whole bag of tricks to be the best Chinese fighter in the metaverse. All NFTs will be in limited quantity, while stock last!


was a Chinese mythological figure. He was first known as a child, but he was indeed the spiritual bead refined by Immortal Tai Yi, reincarnated as human beings. His magic weapon was the hot wheels which could brought him up to heaven and down to earth swiftly.

Buddha Scene

Based on Chinese legend, the heavenly paradise can only be accessed by gods.

The White Eyebrowed Monk

wore long white eyebrows and beard. Even though his weapon was simply a whisk, he was invincible as he was able to sustain the thrusts of sharp weapons on his bare skin.

Arena Scene

The top martial arts practitioners would gather annually at this arena to compete for the championship.

The Maoshan Taoist Priest

is an old man, who dressed in the yellow gown and held a peach-wood sword in times of performing magics. Besides martial arts, he exorcised ghosts and casted out demons. In addition, he could capture, train and tame spirits with Talismans.

The Shaolin 18 Bronzemen

were the hotshot and represented the highest protection of the temple. They integrated martial arts with the philosophy of Buddhism. Their skin was painted gold and they fought with swords, sticks and kung fu. Tradition demanded people to fight and defeat the apparently invincible 18 Bronzemen in order to pass out.

Po Chi Lam Scene

Po Chi Lam was a Chinese medicine clinic which was founded by the Chinese martial arts master Huang Fei Hong and where he gathered his disciples.

Huang Fei Hong

ran a medical clinic called Po Chi Lam and taught people how to self-defence in last Qing Dynasty. His signature moves were shadowless kick that was a fast and swift front kick. The motion was so fast that it casted no shadow.

The One-Armed Swordsman

was from a well-known Chinese-martial-arts-novel in the 60s of Hong Kong. He was famous of his Lovers’ Blades. He was victimized and gave his right arm. He then practised sharp knife using his left hand, and revenged with three knives in a hand.

The Lady Master

was in charge of an ancient private security company that protected valuable property during transportation. Her signature weapon was the double blades. She could play them skilfully by watching the body moves of the opponents.

Guan Yu

was a legendary warrior of Shu-Han Dynasty in the Three Kingdoms. His face was redder than dates, wore two-feet beard, and nine-feet tall. He used his giant crescent blade to kill the enemies.

Rural Scene

An isolated hut on the top of the mountain where the master is hidden.