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Index League

INDEX LEAGUE 競技場即將開啟,各式各樣的競技項目等著您來挑戰,本季費用全免!第一場比賽將於2023年4月9日(星期日)晚上21:30(HKT)準時舉行!


打頭陣的項目正是 Hide and Seek!


ARE YOU READY? 爭奪成為 INDEX LEAGUE 之王,贏取大獎!立即報名,並加入我們的 Discord 及訂閱 YouTube 頻道,以取得我們的最新資訊!

INDEX LEAGUE’s arena is about to open, offering a variety of competitive events for you to challenge for 1st episode free! Our first competition will begin promptly on Sunday, April 9th 2023 at 9:30 P.M. (HKT).


Our FIRST competition is Hide and Seek!


Are you ready to become the champion of INDEX LEAGUE and win the BIG PRIZE? Apply now and subscribe to INDEX LEAGUE’s Discord and YouTube channels to stay up-to-date with our latest information!