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The future Kowloon Walled City

Time travel to 2169, let’s explore the futuristic Kowloon Walled City. The detective has to navigate through the city that is as evil and dangerous as its old days, and stop the secret rituals originated by a forbidden script. What is the conspiracy? Can you reveal the truth? The choice is yours.

Meet Our Characters


Appointed by the City lord. She was entrusted to investigate the forbidden secret ritual.

Intelligence Broker

The most well-informed person in the City. She was arrogant and liked mocking others. She would sell any information as long as you paid.

Prosthetic Dealer

Dominated the prosthetic market in the City. He coveted wealth and profits and was unreasonable. He had a 20-year-old daughter who did not agree with him.

Tattoo Artist

The robot created by the prosthetic dealer’s daughter. It was instilled with the mindset that every one in the City was corrupted. It became radical and started thinking that robots should rule instead.

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