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The Master 8

Chinese Martial Arts, which are also known as Kung Fu, is the quintessence of China. It has been an integral part of 5000-year-Chinese historical culture. In order to preserve the precious Kung Fu legacy, we have developed NFTs of this specific theme – Master 8. It is not only the first series of NFTs produced by INDEX GAME, but also the first Chinese martial arts NFTs in The Sandbox.

Meet Our Characters


was a Chinese mythological figure. His magic weapon was the hot wheels which could brought him up to heaven and down to earth swiftly.

Huang Fei Hong

ran a medical clinic called Po Chi Lam. His signature moves were shadowless kick that was a fast and swift front kick.

The White Eyebrowed Monk

wore long white eyebrows and beard. Even though his weapon was simply a whisk, he was invincible as he was able to sustain the thrusts of sharp weapons on his bare skin.

The One-Armed Swordsman

was famous of his Lovers’ Blades. He was victimized and gave his right arm. He then practised using his left hand with three knives.

Guan Yu

was a legendary warrior of in the Three Kingdoms. His face was redder than dates, wore two-feet beard, and nine-feet tall. He used his giant crescent blade to kill the enemies. 

The Shaolin 18 Bronzemen

were the highest protection of the temple. Their skin was painted gold and they fought with swords, sticks and kung fu with the philosophy of Buddhism. 

The Maoshan Taoist Priest

was dressed in the yellow gown and held a peach-wood sword. He exorcised ghosts and casted out demons.

The Lady Master

was a private security that protected valuable property during transportation. Her signature weapon was the double blades.

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Check out our teasers and feel our passion about advocating the Chinese Martial Art and enhancing your understanding on Kung Fu. We proudly present the Master 8:

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